DuCharme Estates Assisted Living facility

Elderly Care and Assisted Living Facility in Blackstone MA

At DuCharme Estates Assisted Living facility, we provide families with the novel option of competent loving care for elderly and/or adult persons in a home setting.

We are an exclusive Assisted Living facility, family owned and operated business located in the town of Blackstone, Massachusetts just over the Woonsocket and Lincoln, Rhode Island line.

So if you or someone you know could benefit from our services. Come visit us, talk with our residents and then you decide.

We consistently see our residents improve their health after coming to DuCharme Estates Ltd. We attribute the weight gains, greater strength, greater activity and personal contact, less anxiety and less depression to eating three healthy meals a day, taking medications as prescribed, not being overwhelmed by household tasks and having loving human company everyday and night.


Residents Rights

DuCharme Estates Assisted Living Residence. We are happy to be a family owned and operated business. We would like to request that we be considered as a viable option when a loved family member may be in need of Assisted Living Care and services. 
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Government Subsidy


DuCharme Estates is certified by the department of Elder Affairs as an Assisted Living Residence. We are licensed providers for group Adult Foster care (Medicare and Mass. Health will pay for your stay at Ducharme Estates). 

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25 Federal St.Blackstone MA 01504 (508) 883-2066
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