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  • SSI is a federal Program administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA).
  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts depending in living arrangements the supplements federal SSI payment.
  • Beginning January 1,1998, Massachusetts implemented SSI state supplement living Arrangement (L/A) Ctegory-G Assisted living to assist individals who clinically met the criteria for group adult forter care (GAFC) services and resided in a certified GAFC Assisted Living Residence (ALR).
  • The 2009 combined federal and state payment for SSI recipients who are eligible for L/A G is 1,077.00 per month.
  • Note that SSI Aples a general $20.00 disregard of income.


  • Required clinical approval from Elder Affairs/office of long termcare's designated clinical acreening agent for GAFC services, Coastline Elderly services, Inc. (Coastline).
  • Requires residency verification form completed by Elder Affairs/Office of long term care approved GAFC/ALR and signed off by coastline confirming residence,clinical approval for GAFC services, and that the resident meets the state's criteria for L/A G
  • Must file an SSI aplication with the local SSA field Office.
  • Must meet all other SSI requirements.



  • The setting of services is an ALR that is approved to provide GAFC services.


  • SSA will supplement an individual's income up to $1,093.00, per month provided that, all federal SSI criteria is met, He/She is clinically approved for GAFC/ALR and eligible for state L/A G.
  • If the applicant receives a third party; e.g. Family,contribution towards his/her rent and/or food, SSA considers this contribution as in-kind support and maintenance (ISM). ISM is charged dollar for dollar; for more information on ISM contact your local SSA field office.
  • For each member of a ccuple, the 2007 payment for SSI recipients in state Living Arrangement G is $775.00 per month.


For more Information:

  • Contact SSA at website www.ssa.gov or call 1-800-772-1213 or your local SSA field office.
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